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December 15, 2011


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I was looking for this policy contribution, thanks for sharing this information. I have checked the link added by you. I also wanted to know more about sovereign credit ratings, and I got the information in your blog post.

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I also think that people should understand the importance and values of sovereign credit ratings and also their roles in this financial policy.

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Building on my earlier piece on credit rating agencies, we examine a series of policy questions specifically related to sovereign credit ratings and their role in financial policy.

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Bruegel has done a good job, he has published the policy contribution details. I wanted to know information about this policy contribution which was made in European parliament.


I appreciate Bruegel’s efforts; Bruegel have already published the policy contribution at the request of the European Parliament, which was co-authored with Guntram Wolff. That was really a great step taken by Bruegel.

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