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October 14, 2011


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European countries are facing heavy debt problems and financial crisis. The economy of Europe is really very weak, and that’s why they are not growing. The government of European countries must make some good financial policies to improve the financial condition of Europe.

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I have checked the link for the European debt and financial crisis hearings. European debt is really very serious problem. Committee on banking, housing and urban affairs is working to improve the situation and finding some good solutions for that.


Everyone knows that Europe is having the problem of debt and financial crisis. This is not a normal problems, I think that committee should make some strong policies to control the crisis and improve the economy.

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Europe really having a difficulties on financial things which now a days there are doing a lot of solution to over come this problem.In Finland country debt are common and many debt collector having a hard time on collecting debt but financial crisis is not yet their problem this year.

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It has become quite a big issue for the Europeans as it has totally shattered the European markets. It’s becoming quite difficult to stand with the other countries due to competitions. European capital has raised a lot of debt and is now finding difficult to stand within the market.

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As it was the time for Europe to make a stand with its economy and its development, debt was the centralized problem which never let that happened. As the country planned a work plan of settling the finances right after the recession, region’s government stepped in regarding public finance effort.

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The financial crisis are too bad for the people as well as the country, as lot of losses has to been faced and more unfavorable time stress up everything. Well something similar happening with Europe as it has to face a lot of difficulties as well as the economy has been quite hindered. It would simply because off not keeping a good track on finance as well not managing things smartly looking towards the betterment.

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The beginning of the financial crisis hoisted up the spreads for sectioned set of countries. The investors were very cautious with the capability of these countries in regards to overhauling their debts in the downturn features.


A well performed act is quite necessary for the European country and serious studies to get things on track. The condition is same all over the world as every single country is facing the loads of debt. Here what all is required that analyst should come forward with great measures that can bring things back and raise the capital as well as GDP.

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The impact of debt is quite effective and furious and becomes lethal to overcome. The one and only best way to step out of it or get rid from it is too keeping a track on finance which is quite essential while smartly managing the budgets. There’s no fast way to get rid of debt but gradually it can be defeated.

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